metal sheet processing

semi-finished steel construction

FACS performs various metal processing activities including bending of stainless steel sheets, processing which results in a variety of steel sheets. The result includes the basic elements of the construction of products of any type, from furniture to appliances, from buildings to cars.

Semi-finished in STAINLESS steel

The stainless steel sheet in particular forms the basis for semi-finished products suitable for the production of an infinite number of products for industry and construction. FACS is able to perform the bending and cutting of stainless steel sheets with extreme precision, thanks to the latest generation machines, with and without CNC. The maximum length is 4 m. A variety of features help us meet the most diverse needs when it comes to folding.

The company also has professional industrial shears for precise cutting of sheet metal of any material, with four machines that have a maximum length of 4 m. The sheets must have a maximum thickness of 20 mm.

Wide range of metal sheet processing

FACS can perform a wide range of sheet metal processing and profiles including:

• Aluminum

• Iron

• Carbon

• Stainless steel

• Various alloys

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